categorical imperative

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Table 1 summarizes various potential categorical imperatives of ownership in terms of whether they permit the possibility of acting man and whether they necessarily imply a libertarian ethic.
A good example of unethical behavior to show the application of the categorical imperative, and one relevant to some fake reference transactions, is lying.
Unlike Kant's categorical imperative that is a principle of good conduct, which serves as the foundation of ethics, Wiredu's use of the word categorical imperative is in the sense of a norm of thought.
It is important to recognise that the Categorical Imperative is not
The creeping cultural practices and expectations of those for whom a relentless haze of popular music is mandatory and the consolidation of entertainment and technological novelty is a categorical imperative.
If you tell the man you will follow his wishes and then you don't, you have lied--and lying, even for noble social purposes, is problematic at any time, according to the categorical imperative.
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Anyway, whatever else one might think of McGreevey, he's not exactly a poster boy for Kant's categorical imperative.
Kant's categorical imperative requires people to act toward all mankind as if they are an end and not just a means.
This categorical imperative moreover must emanate from a "good will" which, for Kant, is the only attribute of the person which is good without qualification.
Still, she presents important points directly, if baldly: 'Try learning to sew or write or hit a major-league fastball by following the categorical imperative, or the greatest happiness of the greatest number.