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There is a trivial theoretical sense in which "permitting" categorization is more efficient, even if it is costly: the (informationally constrained) utilities possibility frontier in an environment in which categorization can optionally be employed is simply the upper envelope of the "categorize" and "do-not-categorize" frontiers.
Other categorization problems involve non-conscious, implicit processing that relies heavily on procedural learning and the striatum.
By analyzing human decisions and then making categorization recommendations for documents not yet reviewed, Intelligent Categorization addresses a common challenge posed by traditional document review - category determinations are often made inconsistently and inefficiently.
zvelo's exclusive, automated URL categorization engine performs contextual content categorization and malicious website detection across dozens of languages at the domain, sub-domain, and page level, with quality assurance provided by a team of over 150 multi-lingual Web Analysts, to ensure 99.
Clusters may be further divided into subclusters (again a square number), which may be subdivided into other subclusters until the desired level of categorization is achieved.
In addition to directly addressing these challenges, MindServer Categorization also helps enterprises maximize their existing investments in enterprise-wide content management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint.
According to Gartner, enterprises are increasingly applying text categorization technology to automate a process traditionally handled by librarians and other information professionals.
Automatic categorization is currently being applied to electronic records management.
an emerging provider of search and categorization solutions, has announced the establishment of its U.
Easy-to-use software automates categorization of multilingual content, including wikis and blogs, to reveal valuable insights
com is using the Applied Semantics products to add automatic categorization capabilities to its XML-based editorial system to increase the productivity and efficiency of its editorial staff responsible for pushing news content onto its web site, one of the most popular, highly-trafficked news sites on the Internet.