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Therefore, training is deductible only if a company categorizes it as such.
GammaWare automatically categorizes documents using subject terms drawn from pre-defined taxonomies.
The ability to categorize individuals into "types" may also have been crucial for communicating with others as groups grew in size and complexity, Baron proposes.
A third reason to categorize the militias as an arm of the extreme right is their connection to certain "Christian" organizations and leaders.
One of the major differences between for-profit and not-for-profit financial statements is that not-for-profit organizations must categorize their expenses functionally.
In the current study, however, using a computer program to categorize 129 common plant food allergens, structural biologist John Jenkins of the British Institute of Food Research (IFR) and colleagues found that 65% of these proteins fell into just four structural families.
It is important to explore these issues from the learners' perceptions of their social identity: how they view and categorize themselves and others based on their linguistic and cultural characteristics.
This phase of research answers two questions regarding the method of automatically analyzing discussion messages: Can a neural network reliably categorize messages under optimum circumstances, and how can the method be improved to generate great reliability?