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the leading provider of software that categorizes, filters and retrieves industry-specific information from the World Wide Web and proprietary sources, has announced that its services and applications are now available for any company needing access to accurate, relevant data.
Semio technology is currently used to power a portal on Karolinska Institutet research and has been used to categorize 60 percent of the more than 36,800 articles published by researchers at the Institute.
SmartFilter's international control list, updated continuously, categorizes millions of Web sites into 30 distinct content groups, including pornography, gambling, chat, and MP3.
Susan Feldman, Research Vice President for Content and Retrieval Technologies at IDC states, "Vivisimo's ability to categorize textual information on-the-fly means that their product can be used to organize documents from any one or many different content sources.
Vivisimo's unique proprietary technology automatically categorizes textual information on-the-fly from one or many sources -- internal or external.
SmartFilter's international Control List continuously categorizes millions of Web sites into content groups, including pornography, gambling, and MP3.
Viapoint Corporation today announced the availability of Viapoint, the first software that finds, organizes and delivers e-mails, files, web and news content and automatically categorizes them by company, contact, groupings, projects and date range.
New File Types -- ContentCleanup scans and categorizes all Internet-related files including images, video, audio, text, and program files.
section that categorizes answers to some of the most frequently requested areas of interest.
com and categorizes it as “Nudity,” independently reviewer B receives the same URL and reviews it as “Nudity” so the URL is added to the master URL Review database.