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Ideally, category management is brand-blind, although the biggest players obviously have more skin the game, but our winners know category sustainability is more about what's in the package, and how it can help the consumer, than whose name is on it.
The first-place winner in the ninth- through 12th-grade essay category was Paul Grosart, a junior at Saugus High School.
Steiner Studios in the Industrial category (Brooklyn Navy Yard).
The book requires a solid background in theories of human behavior and the usual description within each category from which to reflect, compare, and contrast how these differ between categories.
Their initial discussion board postings were primarily Category "A" or Category "B" comments.
New to the 2003 Super Brand study, the category of crop insurance is inhabited by undifferentiated brands.
This category also includes claims representing capital of a qualifying securities firm.
Shares acquired due to reinvestment are added to the short-term category at actual cost.
In the aluminum under 1 lb category, two winning entries were selected.
Category B designs are those in which flow in the transfer pad has more effect on mold filling time than flow through sprues.
An agreement was recorded if both mother and child mentioned a stress in the same category or if neither had a response in a particular category.
When new stimuli are encountered, the brain assigns them to a perceptual category based on how closely they resemble a category's prototype.