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Unfortunately, as the church became an intellectual and cultural force with the rise of Constantine, the meaning of catholicity was detached from wholeness, and the cosmos and was conflated with orthodoxy, the pope and the institutional church.
In the new ecumenical reflections on catholicity I discern a Barthian input even though this is unacknowledged and indirect.
Catholicity is a mark of the church in the early creeds and has been an habitual theme in the history of christianity.
For me, the most compelling of these is that the samples of magisterial missiology we have considered have not yet reached deeply enough into the bond between mission and church to realize that the church itself and not merely its missionary dynamism or catholicity originates in the trinitarian missions.
To be intelligible, this second level of otherness begs to be situated within the church catholic so it becomes clear that this is a story about the alterity of radical catholicity.
His analysis of burgeoning non-Catholic enrollments and the Church's commitment to retain Catholicity within the schools raises the question of the sustainability of core values while operating in an increasingly secular society.
Unlike the schematization of some early Slavophiles who drew a radical separation between East and West, Florovsky, as someone who was highly conscious of the importance of history and of the catholicity of the Church, defended consistently the historical fact that the East and the West are not independently whole units that can stand in and by themselves.
They want it to embody the Church's catholicity by making the fullness of its tradition visible in faith and practice, especially in sacramental and liturgical life.
The curatorial strategy succeeds because of its catholicity.
At the beginning Kirstein had something of this quality, but very soon his involvement with Balanchine removed that unusual catholicity of taste which marked out Joffrey.
Laura Ingraham is a strong and powerful voice on so many issues - her pro-life views and Catholicity are what attracted us to become an advertiser," said Robert Schwartz.
Ilia Delio as general editor--titled Catholicity in an Evolving Universe, Leach spends much of his time alongside his wife's temporary hospital bed in the family room of their Greenwich, Conn.