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The entire collection of atoms carries out top-down causation to force hydrogen atoms to come close enough to fuse, and the bottom-up causation ignites the star.
The cases in which courts have admitted speculative differential etiology opinions generally appear to be ones in which the courts have ignored the Daubert or Frye standard and accepted the expert's characterization that his or her causation opinion is based on clinical experience or professional judgment.
Never one to sit idly by and let the courts handle any and all disputes over concurrent causation, the insurance industry developed its answer to the issue: The anti-concurrent causation clause.
Steglich-Petersen argues that the contrastive theory of causation fails to handle cases of singular causation, i.
ACA's amicus brief focuses particularly on the latter argument, by tracing the tort law causation requirement back to pre-Revolutionary times and explaining how the principles underlying the causation requirement are embedded in the Constitution itself.
11) The court held that the expert testimony lacked sufficient scientific support for its causation theory and the requisite connection between the proffered scientific support and the facts in M.
Iowa courts had not previously addressed the question of whether appraisers were allowed to make causation determinations as part of the appraisal process.
The first two chapters of Rational Causation are devoted to introducing Marcus's account of rational explanations, for the case of explaining belief (e.
Evidence of Causation for Purposes of Science and for Purposes of Law B.
Footnote 1 of Exhibit 4B states: "This Causation Requirement for Business Economic Loss Claims does not apply to .