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In her work on this topic, Nichols notes that crosslinguistically there is a preference for causative pairings across the languages of the world in general, although much of Europe constitutes a significant exception, with a preference for anticausative pairings.
In 2002, a SVM laboratory developed a reliable challenge system for experimental transmission of EBA that was used to establish that the causative agent was antibiotic susceptible.
An example of a curative causative sentence is given in (1); the subject argument of the root verb (tyomiehet 'workmen') is expressed as the adessive adjunct:
We usually end our lectures on cholera in India with two questions, who discovered the causative agent of the disease cholera and the other question is who discovered cholera toxin.
Limitations of bacteriological method in detecting the etiological factor in children at the early age, especially in septicemic form of the disease, makes necessary to find out more informative, less difficult to use methods of identification the causative agent of the disease.
The following example is elicited (I have not been able to find a causative of a ditransitive verb in my text corpus):
Accusative ko just plays the thematic role of the recipient in causative structures.
However, as clinicians, we would like to comment on epidemiologic studies on cancer, in particular those concerning the possible effects of complex causative factors such as environmental pollution.
Speed is the least important causative factor in most accidents and speed in excess of the speed limit is even less of a causative factor so NWP's statistics of a 53% reduction in serious injuries (taking credit for airbags, NCAP 5* ratings, road improvements, milder winters, tougher driving tests, DSP, DSC and ABS brakes too no doubt) is fishy to say the least.
Japanese-speaking children erroneously produce intransitive forms instead of (di)transitive forms, and intransitive / (di) transitive forms instead of causative forms.
Chronic injury to the perichondrium and failure to correct the causative factors can lead to recurrence.