cause confusion

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PolyGram contends that by calling itself Verve, the group is "likely to cause confusion in the minds of the public .
Mishaps that are handled with ease at home can snowball on foreign soil, where the language barrier and a lack of understanding of local customs and procedures can cause confusion and inhibit communication, and domestic policies do not provide adequate protection.
Such an operation would require additional signs and might cause confusion for motorists, Tiritilli said.
in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits PalmSource, Inc.
Opponents contend it would cause confusion if a business had two numbers for the same building, or co-workers in the same office had different area codes.
This can cause confusion about when to take birth control pills or if a pregnancy has begun.
But the flurry of filings, which began Wednesday with Goldman's documents, could cause confusion.
And since the process seems to cause confusion among even the most avid garden growers, Jennings saw it as a chance to give some tips.
Funrise claims that manufacturer, Wing Hing, has infringed Funrise' copyright in its uniquely shaped Gazillion Bubbles bottle by selling a copy of the Gazillion Bubbles bottle that is likely to cause confusion among consumers.
Because many retailers set up their computer systems using ZIP code designators, it can cause confusion with sales tax charges.
A delay in the timing of an AMBER Alert message can cause confusion or leave law enforcement bombarded with calls from citizens or the media before they are even aware than an abduction has occurred," stated Doug Robinson, Executive Director of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers ("NASCIO").
But if somebody is using Java in their domain name or otherwise in a way that's likely to cause confusion with our Java mark, we will police that.