cause discontent

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Agency staff, not only do they cost millions, they cause discontent among permanent staff, it follows that if there are enough agency staff to fill the gaps then there must be enough staff overall, the practice should be banned or at least severely curbed.
He went on to say that Washington also uses sanctions over the Ukraine crisis as a "pretext" to inflict economic pain and cause discontent.
Unofficially, this proposal will cause discontent with the Albanian opposition that requested of the sixth election unit to be separated from the former municipalities of Zajas and Oslomej.
The players can't understand why they're not involved and ultimately that can cause discontent.
It said there was a growing use of FIFO workers who worked far from their homes and spent long periods away from their families, a situation that could cause discontent and frustration.
To disregard these issues will not serve the long-term interests of the country and will only cause discontent and compromise public security.
Familiarity can cause discontent, as can a diminishing sex life or feeling taken for granted.
It is being argued that President's effort for 'extreme power' may cause discontent and politically destabilize the country.
Munster Council Chairman Sean Fogarty believes that the move still has the potential to cause discontent within the GAA - and he has warned the FAI and the IRFU to tread carefully.
15, although it may cause discontent to both those who supported and opposed the visit.