cause disorder

See: perturb
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Far from strengthening citizens' commitment to their polity, they argued, martial qualities cause disorder.
A gene-environment interaction approach assumes that environmental pathogens cause disorder, whereas genes influence susceptibility to environmental pathogens.
We hope these raids send out a message to everyone that if you think you can cause disorder and you think you can get away with it - you can't.
The overuse of antibiotics may cause disorder in kidney and liver functions, while overdose may result in drug poisoning.
Steve Cochrane, licensing officer for the Northumberland Area Command, said: "We know that alcohol is frequently a factor when people become violent or cause disorder, which is why we're working closely with licensees to remind people to know their limits and stay in control when they have a night out.
You don't need to read between the lines to work out that their desire is to cause disorder - you just have to read the lines.
He pleaded the court to direct the federal government to restrain Imran Khan from utterances and actions which threaten to overthrow the government and cause disorder in the country as a result of hate speeches.
The petitioner urged the court to direct the federal government to act in accordance with law and restrain Imran Khan from utterances and actions likely to cause disorder, disruption and anarchy in the country.
We launched the operation in response to an increase in shed burglaries and resulting antisocial behaviour where stolen bikes were used to cause disorder in the area.
But despite warnings that some protesters were planning to cause disorder, the vigil passed without trouble.
However, there still remains a minority of - mainly young - people who see this time of year as an opportunity to cause disorder.
The message from us is clear - if you drive in an anti-social way, or cause disorder on the roads, then we will target you and use all our powers to either prosecute you or confiscate your car.