cause growth

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Feeding has been reported to induce reduction in the concentration of growth hormone (GH) in plasma [1,2], and cause growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH)-induced increase in GH in ruminant animals [1,3].
This includes the blood flow to the placenta and uterus, which can cause growth problems for the unborn baby.
Looking ahead, weaker growth in business volumes, flat income and rising costs are expected to cause growth in profits to ease in the run up to March.
Increases in obesity rates and the unhealthy diet of Pakistanis would cause growth in the number of anti-obesity brands.
Ellen: "Rich and I keep saying that more good things might cause growth and change to Sarasota's tranquil atmosphere.
Indeed, though China's government has expressed its willingness to sacrifice some growth in its pursuit of structural reform and rebalancing, the impact of a housing-market collapse on the financial sector would cause growth to slow beyond the acceptable limit.
Many economists had predicted that stronger consumer spending this year would cause growth to accelerate.
Alcohol tends to have a lot of sugar which spikes insulin levels that can cause growth of tumorous cells in the breast.
Ryan has already had four operations as surgeons cut away at the excess bone which can cause growth problems.
Thus it is this tightness that could cause an increase in the transepiphyseal pressure in the hip and cause growth disturbance syndrome affecting the physis and epiphyses of the proximal femur.
Improved financial development that leads to better resource allocation increases returns and may lower saving (income effect) and thus may cause growth to fall (Bencivenga and Smith 1991; King and Levine 1993b).
Slowing external demand and policy inaction may cause growth to slide further.