cause mischief

See: damage
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Dismissing claims of a rift, he said: "There are one or two people out to cause mischief.
And for Rangers fans looking to cause mischief, what's to stop them from all buying the tickets and turning up every week.
Once again the wily blonde is out to cause mischief.
Ballyclare's only goal arrived too late to cause mischief.
The head keeper was laying down his own laws of the jungle yesterday to a couple of young gorillas out to cause mischief.
fire drills were not always held as staff were worried youngsters would take the opportunity to escape or cause mischief
When a local gang starts to cause mischief, Walt decides he's not going to stand for any nonsense - just like those other tough guys from Eastwood's back catalogue, including The Man With No Name, Dirty Harry and William Munny.
So she's out to cause mischief tonight for Rodders when he brings his latest client for lunch at the Woolpack.
Yet the Lions captain wasn't about to cause mischief and join the army of doom and gloom merchants keen to kick Brian Ashton's men while they are down.
Disgruntled staff pose a risk, although he said there was little evidence that people were deliberately getting themselves hired in order to cause mischief.
It could be someone just out to cause mischief who doesn't realise they are putting themselves, and other people, at risk.
Back in Series Two, bar owner Jack had fallen for Janice and asked her to elope with him -asked her to elope with him - andand now he's back to cause mischief for the married mum.