cause mischief

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The police investigator said Plagata was known to cause mischief in their area, with village watchmen saying that he has consistently been the subject of various complaints.
But he failed to produce any hard evidence of his claim, with some seeing his remarks as a strike designed to cause mischief and discord in the Lions camp ahead of the opening Test a week tomorrow at Auckland's Eden Park.
This also comes after South Korea's Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn warned last Friday that the reclusive nation may take advantage of the current political instability in Seoul to cause mischief.
It was regarded as a time when the portal between our world and the world of the fairies opened up, allowing them to cause mischief and mayhem.
At the start of the week, Belle is trying to cause mischief between her dad and Joanie.
But cheeky Alfie can cause mischief in the home as he will eat "anything he can grab", including materials the children use to make crafts such as tissue paper.
And a drunk spook called Charlie is believed to cause mischief at the pub, which was featured on the Great British Ghosts programme hosted by Michaela Strachan in 2012.
Sometimes your little ones can cause mischief, but they could still be our Cute Kid
They like to shout their little heads off and cause mischief.
He said it was going viral in Ghana and asked me to go on national radio there to kill the story as it was thought someone had run it to cause mischief politically.
Many of the first series' most popular pensioners are back, joined by some new faces to cause mischief on the streets of Britain.
Then there's "malware," viruses, worms, phishing attacks, and other traps created by bad guys to steal from you or just cause mischief.