cause upset

See: perturb
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Unless something is done, these mindless people will continue to cause upset.
Council leader Dennis Harvey said: "These orders are not designed to penalise responsible dog owners, which are the majority, but to penalise the minority of inconsiderate individuals who think it is OK to leave their dog's mess in parks and on pathways or let their pet run loose in cemeteries, which could obviously cause upset to other visitors.
I would like to assure everyone that there was no attempt to cause upset to the victims or their families.
I feel very hurt that people are trying to drag up the dirt and cause upset.
AS soon as the Labour government does something to cause upset to the people of St Mary's and Speke, the local MP tries her best to divert attention to the Liberal Democrats.
Too many people stay away which can cause upset for very lonely elderly citizens.
The document, with its tough tone, is likely to cause upset amongst unions at the station.
They insisted: "No one would have sent anything which could cause upset or distress.
Damart said it had not intended to cause upset or distress and acknowledged that, with hindsight, the wording and presentation of the mailing were regrettable.
I'm worried about mentioning it to my son (their father) because it would cause upset in the family.
As soon as they realised it could cause upset Ina, they dropped the charge.
It is not our intention to cause upset and we apologise for any stress this caused.