causing disagreement

See: divisive
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Al Ahly hasn't made its final decision yet as the board put a $5m price tag on Maaloul while EST has offered $3m, causing disagreement between the two clubs.
It says the existence of three central bodies [ETH] the BHB, Jockey Club and Levy Board [ETH] has led to racingOs structure being too complex, causing disagreement, triplication of effort in many instances, excessive bureaucracy and inflated staff numbers.
Belgium hopes that it will have completed an in-depth examination of this matter, "which will stand the Spanish presidency in good stead for looking at the quantitative aspects of the proposal", which are the infamous dates still causing disagreement at Council level.
Expressions of this attitude have been helped by the means of easy, fast and free communications, causing disagreements between the closed-minded and the open-minded, the anxious and the confident, and the short-sighted and those with big ambitions.
He denied that there was a relationship between the delegation's failure to travel and what took place during the Political Parties Leadership Forum prior to the alleged ban in which Akol was dimissed from his role as head of the coalition amid claims he was causing disagreements with the government delegation.
As part of my work I had to handle queries that were causing disagreements.
The session discussed ways of addressing several controversial cases which are still causing disagreements between some companies and their sacked employees.
Currently, call vans bargain with passengers instead of charging them by the distance, often causing disagreements and unpleasant scenes with passengers.