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He applied the ironic term "heroic methods" to cover such treatments as infibulation of the foreskin, vasectomy, cauterisation of the urethra, insertion of electrodes into the bladder and rectum, puncturing the prostate with needles, castration and circumcision.
Early in the New Year, the 98-year-old Royal suffered a series of nose bleeds and in late-January was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, for cauterisation treatment to stem the bleeding.
There was no general hospital and many Bedouin continued to practise cauterisation as a 'cure-all'.
By late afternoon, the president was admitted for a second time to a Brussels hospital, this one specialising in Ear, Nose and Throat ailments, to undergo a nasal cauterisation.
Access to initial treatment: Affordable shunts and endoscopic third ventriculostomy/choroid plexus cauterisation
Avoid the many harmful and time-wasting traditional first-aid treatments such as cauterisation, local incision or excision, tattooing, immediate prophylactic amputation of the bitten digit, suction by mouth or vacuum pumps or 'venom-ex' apparatuses, instillation of chemical compounds such as potassium permanganate, application of petrol, ice packs, 'snake stones' and electric shocks.
It was only a small procedure, the cauterisation of a palate.
In this ancient Egyptian document, the history of breast cancer treatment begins with cauterisation of tumours found in the breast with an instrument known as 'the fire drill'.
It has the unique capability of obtaining a single large biopsy sample using radiofrequency cauterisation and cutting to remove the target area in an 8-second procedure.
This week we will speak about the third branch of traditional medicine, involving cupping, cauterisation, splinting and hulool.