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Additional complications included damaging the common bile duct and causing it to stricture, and occasionally trying to cauterize a vessel that was too large.
The needles used to cauterize the tissue must be insulated from both the patient and the balloon.
We are receiving positive feedback not only from clinicians who used the device in the esophagus, but also used it to cauterize the stomach bleeding, where patients otherwise undergo repeated blood transfusions.
But I think this sends a good message when you sort of cauterize it right when it happens.
Traditionally, we cut, clip or cauterize the tissue around the prostate nerves.
Recently, a third-year PhD student in biomedical engineering at Cornell and National Science Foundation fellow built a prototype of a small, battery-powered therapeutic ultrasound device that is powerful enough to cauterize a bleeding wound or help deliver targeted drug doses to brain cancer patients.
If the piles are more severe and continually stick out, it may be that a procedure to cut, cauterize or otherwise remove them may be required.
The scene in which Gideon gouges the bullet from his arm with a hunting knife, then heats the blade to cauterize the wound, should finish off anyone with a weak stomach.
Later they elect Johan their shaman-leader when his Old World knowledge accurately predicts a hurricane, and his ability to cauterize and sew up wounds saves the tribal chief's life.
That's much better, that's approaching the gazebo and deliberately, fiercely writing on it, words that will cauterize the delicate, the wan and sickly passerby: Marcus Aurelius is a horse's ass.
The physician will be able to diagnose the condition, and in the case of a simple canker sore, prescribe a medicated mouthwash, the application of a protective gel, or cauterize the base of the ulcer to speed healing.
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