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currency could not recover the 103 yen level reached late last week in New York because of profit-taking and cautiousness a day before two market-moving events.
Furthermore, these outstanding results could not have been achieved without the efficient inventory management, cautiousness of the management team and their exceptional performance in these challenging market environments.
Even if he does not like to admit it, Morsi is also aware of the level of cautiousness among large groups of Egyptians and non Egyptians concerning the Muslim Brotherhood, whom he represents.
The Italian was hitting back at Ferguson's claims that City had only been able to reclaim the title initiative because of Mancini's "Italian mentality" - a reference to his perceived cautiousness.
EY suggests that investors will opt for cautiousness rather than trust, which will lead to the anticipated decrease in the number of deals as compared to previous years.
The Royal Oman Police (ROP) urges drivers to exercise cautiousness while driving, abide by traffic systems and laws and observe the speed limit.
The meeting between Jumblat and Arslan stressed that "The political status quo and the developments around us create fear and cautiousness .
Ambassador Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, Director of the Department of Operations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the warning comes in line with care attached by the UAE to the security and safety of its citizens abroad, stressing the need for cautiousness and avoiding travel to Thailand in this period unless necessary.
He urges maturity and cautiousness in the statements of Albanian politicians from this side of the border, referring to Ali Ahmeti.
If I have a concern it is over the cautiousness of retailers.
At least, there is no more cautiousness then there was last year," he said.
However, Media Markt and Saturn have very limited presence in the Internet sales sector, which is a result of an overall cautiousness about online sales among German retailers.