cease work

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He roused himself to order the great bell to be rung as a signal for the plantation hands to cease work and go to their barracks.
This building is a well-loved part of the Conservation Area in Linthorpe and I am pleased to see that the council have asked Tesco to cease work.
However , in the unexpected event that the issues remain unresolved till 15th January 2018 all members of academic staffs of the four State-owned tertiary institutions shall cease work to press home our demand for justice and fairness,' the statement concluded.
The developer was advised to cease work until a revised planning application has been submitted and a decision on the revised application is made.
The firecracker industry in Bulacan province and Iloilo City is likely to spring back to life after government orders to cease work in firecracker factories are being lifted as the holidays set in.
POPULAR Ice Bowl in Dundonald The new local authority said it would not redevelop the ice rink and bowling alley and Castlereagh Borough Council agreed to cease work.
It calls on the department to cease work on properties that are affected by the court case and "we call for the restoration of items that have already been affected to their previous state and compensate the owners, otherwise we have a right to sue for illegal interference," Dilinos said.
Earlier, expatriate workers decided to cease work and go on strike in protest of the delay in salaries which left them in bad condition.
The Minister of Education issued a direction to the general education directorate in Najran to cease work this year due to recent events in order to ensure the safety of the pupils and employees.
The union said that members at St Fagans National History Museum, the National Museum of Wales in Cathays Park, Swansea Waterfront Museum, the National Wool Museum and Big Pit will cease work at 1pm today and tomorrow.
The decision which enters its tenth year now, urges business owners to provide shaded areas for the workers during their break period and to completely cease work.
There is "no reason to make any change tomorrow in the status of the construction,'' the group's statement said, arguing that GUPC could cease work at any time as it deems necessary, and not necessarily on Monday.