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To yield up; to assign; to grant; to surrender; to withdraw. Generally used to designate the transfer of territory from one government to another.


verb abalienate, abandon, abdicate, abjure, accede, alienate, assign, bequeath, concede, concedere, conner, consign, convey, deed, deliver, devolve, dismiss, donate, give, give away, give up, give up claim to, grant, part with, quitclaim, release, relinquish, remise, render, renounce, reeounce claim to, resign, sign away, submit, succumb, surrender, tender, transfer, transmit, turn over, vouchsafe, yield
Associated concepts: cede jurisdiction, cede territory
See also: abandon, advance, attorn, bequeath, bestow, concede, confer, contribute, convey, defer, devolve, disown, forfeit, give, grant, offer, pass, relinquish, remise, resign, submit, supply, surrender, tender, transfer, transmit, yield

TO CEDE, civil law. To assign; to transfer; as, France ceded Louisiana to the United States.

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NYSIR needed a multi-user ceded reinsurance solution that among other things, enables NYSIR to: Capture all the rules pertaining to its ceded reinsurance contracts; Provide complete compliance for the ceded reinsurance administration process including the production of regulatory reporting such as NAIC Schedule F; Audit and document all processes and ceded reinsurance calculations.
Ceded premiums in the first quarter relate to the reinsurance treaties that were put in place on June 1 of the previous year.
An area of 2 563 square km on Bulgaria's western border had to be ceded to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the so called Western Outlands.
Executing a reinsurance transaction on a funds-withheld basis is an effective way to mitigate the counter-party credit risk with a reinsurer, since the ceding company retains the ceded premium (less an explicit or contractual margin) and related investment income.
African countries have already ceded 800 thousand hectares of their lands to Iranian companies to produce agricultural products, Iranian Agricultural Jihad Minister Mohammad R.
Colombia says it has owned the islands since they were ceded to it by treaty in 1928.
Allied World Assurance Company today announced that Susan Morgan has joined the Company as its Senior Vice President, Ceded Reinsurance.
If even this one principle of sovereignty is ceded, we will no longer be able to call ourselves an autonomous country: we will have to bow to trade-community rules in terms of drug laws (both those that are currently legal as well as illegal), abandon national security efforts and allow others to determine our citizenship requirements because we won't be able to control immigration, give up rules that are intended to keep our foods and beverages safe, and forgo traffic and highway safety because we will not be able to control who is allowed to drive here or the safety of the vehicles they are driving.
The Tax Court held that an exempt organization's nonprofit subsidiary, which was in partnership with a for-profit corporation, ceded control over its proposed tax-exempt activity to the for-profit corporation and therefore was not operated exclusively for exempt purposes.
The world's top producer, India, has slowly ceded market-share to cheaper Guatemalan cardamom, now the Central American country's No.
By 1800 in Neuchatel, the ideas guiding those who regulated marriage, and to some degree those who entere it, sound much more familiar than foreign, though, as Watt makes clear, this familiarity disappeared when the area was ceded to Napoleon in 1806, which ende the possibility for divorce.
An additional 35,000 acres would be ceded to the Navajo Nation.