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Authorities in Saudi Arabia have regularly cautioned against celebratory fire and warned their zero-tolerance policy towards firing bullets in the air to celebrate events would be fully applied.
The celebratory sale is open for all customers and is for 24 hours only, starting from 00:01 hours and ending at 23:59 hours on Thursday, March 8, 2018.
QIC hosted the celebratory event at Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel.
For the New Year's Eve revelry, more police officials are in denial about cases of celebratory gunfire in their jurisdictions, despite reports of about a dozen injuries from stray bullets.
Karachi [Pakistan], Jan 1 ( ANI ): Several people, including a woman, were injured in celebratory firing in Karachi, when the city welcomed the New Year.
The authorities concerned have never taken it seriously and they never came up with a zero tolerance policy on celebratory gunfire,' he said.
Celebratory gunfire is a common dangerous occurrence in Lebanon.
This measure was a way to criminalize celebratory gunfire to make sure this doesn't happen to somebody else.
According to the Umut Foundation, 700 people are killed in Turkey, on average, from celebratory gunfire every year.
Al-Sayyed honoured the military band with a shield and certificates of thanks in recognition of their contribution to the success of the national celebratory function.
More celebratory events are planned by the club during 2015.
At the Al-Thawra Hospital alone, 52 people were treated for injuries related to fireworks and celebratory gunfire this year.