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When Estee Lauder first started out she gifted celebrities - the company is now worth $5 billion.
Susan Zechter, Founder of Celebrity HotSpots and Author of the Celebrity HotSpots guidebook series, states "There are many celebrity-oriented sites that focus on what celebrities are wearing, who they have or have not been dating, or simply are all about gossip.
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Teams led by Kapil Dev and Mike Gatting comprised of the celebrities as well as lucky local talent.
From time to time, people who are celebrities who come into contact with the department are given slack,'' Yagman said.
Over the years, a growing number of celebrities have had various body parts insured to protect against injury or illness.
Deep Blue is emerging as a true personality and is comparing favorably with some very well known celebrities.
There are also some engaging shifts to trace here, such as the status of minority celebrities, from their introduction in the '50s to their mainstream success in the '90s, a "triumph" mitigated by an attendant homogenization (think Desi Arnaz/Ricky Martin, Eldridge Cleaver/Clarence Thomas).
Restaurateurs and celebrities are looking at the success of restaurants that target the middle-and upper-middle-class African American demographic," says Scott Mills, senior vice president of business development for BET Holdings, the parent company of Black Entertainment Television.
I grant that the singer's resistance to logic takes place in a media climate so overheated that celebrities can hardly be blamed for making decisions driven by fear.
But the primary facet of her editorial vision--her successful strategy for making the magazine "hot" again--is a fixation on celebrities.
If the event is more social than informative, consider using four well-known celebrities who could spend more one-on-one time with your guests, as opposed to a single "headliner.