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New evidence indicates that celestially aligned megalithic structures may have a profound agricultural purpose.
A half rack of tender baby back ribs came to table celestially cloaked in the chain's proprietary blackberry brandy barbecue sauce and accompanied by the same Asian slaw I'd sampled earlier, plus chive-flecked, baked, then whipped potatoes.
Assuming that a celestial phenomenon had so much influence on the life of a prehistoric social group, that the community was motivated to integrate some aspect of its appearance in the sky into their cult/communal structures, such a celestially motivated impact should be reflected somehow in other archaeological features as well.
And apparently that was a recipe for disaster, celestially speaking of course.
Contestants can submit a recipe for one of the following four categories: * Jump-Up-and-Shout Main Dish * Too-Good-to-be-True Side Dish * Celestially Sweet Dessert * Bless Your Heart Health Conscious Alternative (because a healthy heart is a temple, too).
Leeds, according to their eloquent and elegant manager, must take another great leap forward this term in order to build on a season that glittered almost celestially at times, yet ended with nothing save plaudits.
The angel-meets-surgeon weeper ``City of Angels,'' itself based on the more cerebral German masterpiece ``Wings of Desire,'' was the most popular movie of the spring and has been perched celestially atop the video rental charts for the better part of a month.
Those two basics were unmistakably--and dehciously--present, but however did the chef manage to introduce cream and keep the sauce so celestially light?
Saturday brings the celestially themed "Under the Stars" featuring video from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory synchronized to "The Planets" by Gustav Holst.
Here is a man celestially gifted when the ball's at his feet, but has he ever even approached the pain threshold in the way Adams regularly does?
An orientation is a clear axis to a structure which can aim in a celestially significant direction; examples include the straight entrance of a Neolithic passage-grave or of an Iron Age Scottish broch, or the long axis of a Christian church or a Maya stone building, or of a non-circular and symmetrical stone ring.
For her finale the chef poured a delicately sweet botrytis semillon from Australia and sent it to table with a celestially understated vanilla lavender creme brulee and sublime little scoops of creme fraiche sorbet.