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MISSIONARYA celibate priest is more adapted to handle challenging pastoral work, such as missionary experience, than his married colleague.
The handicapper used to say he could handicap horses on the way Celibate ran as he always ran his race.
In conclusion, we can state that the historical situation of world and Church suggests that it would make sense from a Christian point of view to admit married persons not only to the diaconate, but also to the priesthood, in addition to having celibate priests.
His reflection questions are specific and astute and should be helpful to his celibate readers.
Ask for "The Celibate Succubus" at your favorite bookstore, or buy it online at the Barking Rain Press website, Amazon.
Living Celibacy reminds us all, married, single or celibate, that true love perfects human sexuality when it is lived passionately and chastely for the sake of others in any lifestyle or vocation.
The cardinal, who himself is unmarried, said that he had never given a thought to his celibacy as he had been busy with his church duties, and added that during his youth, being celibate was a part of being a priest.
Dr John entered a civil partnership in 2006 with the Rev Grant Holmes, but is understood to live a celibate life.
I'm sure celibate gay men will be thrilled by this exciting new job opportunity, if perhaps somewhat perplexed as to how it will be policed by the Church.
I've been celibate since I got to the US - not through choice, I just haven't met anyone worth breaking it for.
Hormonal contraceptives taken by celibate nuns would surely fall into this category, say the researchers.
Celibate cleric Jeffrey John was denied the opportunity to become Bishop of Reading because he was gay and was appointed Dean of St Albans instead.