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Celibate violations, like no other, obliterate the core commitment and threaten to invalidate the trust, respect,
Most supernumeraries are married, and their spiritual practice mirrors that of celibate numeraries.
Many years ago Communion was only once a week and the priest was required to be celibate for the previous night, the other days this didn't apply.
Richard Dunwoody on board Celibate, who ``played it safe'' with the former jockey in front of the C4 cameras
The Upper Lambourn trainer said: 'He's been in quite a long time - three and a half months - because we got him ready for the Pardubicka [in the Czech Republic on October 13, when the trainer withdrew Celibate because of heavy ground].
We offer formation which represents celibate behavior in ways that fulfill the transcendent aims of human sexuality.
Former sex addict Russell Brand - who once claimed to be "up there" at the 1,000 lovers mark - now says he is celibate.
The Church Times newspaper, in a summary of business conducted by the House of Bishops when it met last month, yesterday spotlighted its agreement to lift the moratorium on the appointment of clergy in civil partnerships as bishops - as long as they are celibate.
CELIBATE gay men in civil partnerships could be ordained as Church of England bishops.
THE Archbishop of Canterbury risked a new Anglican rift last night by insisting gays should be allowed to become bishops - as long as they vow to remain celibate.
Celibacy is so unnatural for nearly all humans, that it seems ludicrous to expect Catholic priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals and even the Holy Father himself to be celibate.
The double-Grammy Award winner has opened up about her private life, revealing she is celibate and she wants her fans to follow suit.