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Laurence Jackson School is in no way homophobic; sexually explicit images of any nature would have been censored if displayed.
As a journalist whose views or ideas cannot be censored and who refuses to yield to pressure or threats, I am effectively and physically censored.
The censored page should have included an interview with a former agent in the General Intelligence Directorate about special espionage operations of Mossad, Israel's national intelligence agency.
com censored my voice regarding things academic over a C ozen times over the past year.
Reliability analysis of oriented strand board's strength with a simulation study of the median censored method for estimating of lower percentile strength.
If hate speech is censored, it tends to arouse curiosity and gains more exposure than if it weren't censored.
Maybe Sir Cliff 's Saviours Day was next on the list to be censored in case it offends non-Christians?
FURIOUS art students claim their work is being censored for a visit by Prince Charles.
He went on to direct "Vietnamese Girl," which was also censored.
com reported that Miss McComb, who quite rightly was offended that her dearly held beliefs were being censored, had another plan.
Search services from Google, an Internet search engine company, are to be censored in China in an attempt by the company to increase access to the country's market.