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At the same moment that Ravanipour was departing Iran for the United States, another prominent and beloved cartoonist/writer, Mana Neyestani, was facing problems of his own with Iran's censorial practices.
Judicial pushback from the likes of Stevens, Ginsburg, and Souter in Morse thus is essential as a bulwark to safeguard student expression from the censorial proclivities of school officials in a post-Columbine world.
concurring) ("In some cases, a censorial justification will not
In demonstrating that Butler was and is a significant freedom of speech victory, Calvert traces the decision's influence through various media and contexts, arguing that it will continue to serve an important role as bulwark against censorial impulses.
When we add to the equation the fallibility of censorial judgments in general, (46) as well as the particular moral guilt of those who would referee pornography, the risks become great that certain adjudged obscenity will actually contain some reasonable quantum of value.
In 1737, Parliament was moved to implement censorial control over theatre in London (Thomas, Carleton, and Etienne iix; Conolly 2, 13).
But while his firebrand philosophising and scathing social satire won him as much adoration as it did scrutiny from the censorial so-called 'moral majority', Bill Hicks' star would never burn as bright as after his death 17 years ago, aged just 32.
Por outro lado, a redacao tinha o habito de produzir boletins de analise da acao censorial, parte do que foi depois publicado nas edicoes 154 e 155 do periodico.
As last year, Iran is saved from the bottom by the censorial triumvirate of Turkmenistan, North Korea and last place Eritrea.
safeguards for speech as a curb on administrative censorial discretion,
A rule proscribing actions arising from censorial motive thus will promote [open discourse].
The New York Times came out with an editorial against such a ruling, stating: "We hope the Supreme Court does not authorize the FCC to return to its censorial policies.