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The centermost plants burst through clouds into the rainbow, thus marking the stage itself as the climax of farming.
Justification is the heart of the gospel, the hermeneutical key to the scriptures, the essential witness of the Confessions, and the centermost principle of church authority.
The team, led by Nicholas McConnell and Chung-Pei Ma (University of California, Berkeley), used the Gemini North and Keck II telescopes in Hawaii to determine how fast stars in the galaxies' innermost regions whirl around the centermost point.
The eventual completion of the Canada to Mexico Superhighway, I-69, will make Memphis the centermost point of road shipping in North America.
The reasons for this are manifold, but the centermost reason for their inability to exploit their technological superiority lay with the complex, convoluted, and inefficient management system in place in Germany during World War II.
The church here adapts and makes whatever modifications and changes are necessary because the centermost part of it is our faith.