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They must therefore first appraise the moral and physical character of an enemy to include its moral and physical centers of gravity.
Physical centers of gravity can be visualized more easily as armies or units, those things that resist an enemy.
Clausewitzian centers of gravity are not characteristics, capabilities, or locations.
22) Eikmeier argued that leaders in World War II were not centers of gravity but were critical requirements as leaders for their respective nations and enablers for the actual centers of gravity.
18) Clausewitz also states that centers of gravity have a "sphere of effectiveness" and that their "advance or retreat" can have an effect "upon the rest" of the forces involved.
In Book VIII ("War Plans"), Clausewitz discusses the relevance of centers of gravity to war planning.
Alexander the Great, Gustavus Adolphus and Charles XII of Sweden, and Frederick the Great each had their centers of gravity in their respective armies.
In answering these questions, Vego proposes that commanders and their staffs conduct an analysis of objectives and the military situation to determine centers of gravity.
To illustrate this methodology, Godzilla will be used to determine centers of gravity for a notional Allied amphibious operation in the Pacific during World War II.
The first is to delete references to friendly and enemy centers of gravity in figures III-4 and III-6.
3) Unfortunately, this version creates a false impression that centers of gravity are akin to sources of strength:
Instead he advised tracing the full weight (Gewicht) of an enemy force (Macht) to as few centers of gravity as possible.

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