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We've developed a new heat exchanger design for low viscosity products less than one hundred centipoises, which have a tendency to foul in pipes.
He has expanded the number of groups covered in the 2000 first edition, but also added a bacteriological positioning systems in which the oxidation-reduction potential (in millivolts) serves as the longitudinal x axis and the viscosity of the water within the consormial biomass, measured in log centipoise, represents the latitudinal y axis.
Centipoise (cP) is the unit of measurement for viscosity, or resistance to flow.
13,19,20,22,32-34) It is not possible at this time to recommend specific viscosity levels as measured in centipoise (cP) for manufacturers.
The E-400 applicators dispense a wide adhesive range with viscosities up to 10,000 centipoise.
831/658-6000 FAX 831/658-6094 Hot Melt Applicators Any -- to 70,000 centipoise Sorbilite Inc.
The StarFire SG-1024/M-A combines superior jetting performance with a high nozzle packing density to achieve single-color operation delivering 400 dots-per-inch resolution with fluids in the 8 to 20 centipoise range.
Compared to other single-shaft agitators, the company said this economical Bow Tie Disperser is more robust and heavy-duty, capable of handling viscosities up to several hundred thousand centipoise.
The PODs, targeted for industrial coatings, are 40-50% solids, with mean particle sizes between 200-1500 nanometers, and viscosities between 300-3500 Centipoise.