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Cento, the Miami-based regional president for FedEx Express in Latin America and the Caribbean.
The imitative, repetitive cento, then, both countered and exploited the Romantic discourse and legal institution of creative authorship, with their linked premises in "property, originality, personality" (Rose 128).
Franco Cardini's Le cento novelle contro la morte: Giovanni Boccaccio e la rifondazione cavalleresca del mondo is an enjoyable and compelling introduction to the plague in general and an interesting consideration of Boccaccio's primary message to his reader.
British Middle Eastern policy once again plays a starring role in the fifth essay--on Anglo-Turkish relations and the Central Treaty Organization, CENTO.
We want to offer more than just our traditional express service," says Juan Cento, president of Latin America and the Caribbean at FedEx.
Fenton went on to complete a double when the Sarah Williams-trained Cento took the handicap hurdle at 16-1.
today announced it will celebrate Cento anni di Maserati- 100 years of Maserati- in true Italian style.
The contract has as its object the award of the service for the integration of disabled students living in the municipalities of Cento, Mirabello, Sant~Agostino, Vigarano Mainarda and Bondeno and attending local schools school years 2015 / 2016-2016 / 2017- 2017/2018.
Shapses, along with associate John Harte and executive managing director Joseph Genovesi, represented the tenant in the long-term transaction, while Jeffrey Lichtenberg and Frank Cento of Cushman & Wakefield represented the landlord, the Trump Organization.
On the occasion of 11 October, government delegations laid flowers at the partisan cemetery and at the grave of supreme army commander Mihajlo Apostolski at the city cemetery "Butel" in Skopje, as well as at the monument to Metodija Andonov Cento and in the Park of the Revolution in Prilep.
Usually I prefer actual form achievement to promise, in which case recent course and distance winner Cento would have been the choice.
Oge's career began in 1970 as an International Professional with CENTO (Central Treaty International Organization) in Ankara, Turkey for eight years.