central idea

See: main point
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I've never been able to get the right central idea for it.
With some effort Stepan Arkadyevitch brought out his central idea, and looked significantly at her.
Their central idea, their grand aim, is to subjugate you, keep you down, make you feel insignificant and humble in the blaze of their cosmopolitan glory
Plainly, the central idea of secession is the essence of anarchy.
The central idea had come to him the night before, and he was now reveling in the planning of the remoter, minor details.
His central idea, from the first, was not the mere leasing of telephones, but rather the creation of a Federal company that would be a permanent partner in the entire telephone business.
The central idea of any business is profit, and to remain in business, one must ensure that return on investment is above cost price,' he said.
Thus, it was possible to verify in Table 3 that the speeches of six participants constituted the central idea of reduced workload, four participants answered the third question, constituting the central ideas of few materials and infrastructure in the basic unit and little awareness of teachers and two nurses reported the central idea of the lack of teamwork.
The central idea we are fighting is the idea of RSS," Rahul said after an interaction with Congress workers and leaders here.
The central idea behind open innovation is that, in a world of widely distributed knowledge, companies cannot afford to rely solely on their own research.
She has organized the twenty-four lessons that make up the main body of her text in six sections devoted to the amassing of evidence, the tying together of pieces of evidence based on relationships, fomenting a central idea for a piece of writing, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
We also wanted to explore the guest experience and the techs' lives and the conflicts with these creatures that they're interacting with and controlling, but that central idea of seeing A.

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