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These similarities were identified as the "Five Dimensions of Central Office Transformation.
Central Office needs two to four weeks to create the card, and then it is mailed to you.
An analysis of 111 top administrative appointments made in the central office between July 1995 and February 1998 showed diversity of expertise.
The price per port for an access concentrator solution is about $450 with no additional expense for Telco Central Office (CO) equipment.
After the client spoke of the delays in receiving the computer/office equipment, his vocational rehabilitation counselor indicated to the reengineering leader facilitating the meeting that if Commission policy permitted the equipment to be purchased locally, it could be obtained immediately, at an equal or lesser cost than going through the Central Office, and service after the sale would be local, rather than being provided by a supplier several hundred miles away.
A few years back, the overcrowded, underfunded Spry was the fief of a Bad Old Principal whom parents routinely complained about to an indifferent central office.
Mid-level managers in the central office are besieged by directives from higher levels that leave them out of the loop on how to execute the plans.
For instance, if you publish a newsletter for your members and want to include a pitch for membership and an application in it to be sent to nonmember assistants in your area, Central Office will fund the percentage produced and distributed to the nonmembers while you pay for those produced and distributed to your own membership.
When asked about the actions of the appointed board and central office since 1998, Gloria Aron, a committed school activist in Cleveland for decades, said, "They say they go to schools and do monthly meetings, but it's a dog-and-pony show.

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