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Field staff come to the Central Office early each Monday and leave on Friday at noon.
Siemens Stromberg-Carlson is the third-leading supplier of advanced telecommunications switching equipment to the Bell Operating Companies, designing, developing and manufacturing digital central office switching systems, broadband switching systems, packet switching systems and transmission equipment.
Consider the number-one decentralization "strategy" issued by the administration: "Disassemble the Central Service Center" at the central office.
Baker's council also initiated a plan to change the school's hours, measured support for the plan in the school community, and petitioned the central office to put the plan into practice.
The central office, she said, is full of well-paid people performing menial work once done by people laid off because of the cuts.
Eight hundred unnecessary central office staff members should go--and the tens of millions recovered should be immediately infused into the needy, crumbling schools.
The Telepak network will work from a central office, with fibers homerun directly to the customer premises.
People say central office still interferes and there is inadequate funding to make proper decisions regretting resources, he says.
The ADAA Board of Trustees will consider the reactivation of a toll free number for Central Office.
PETAH TIKVA, Israel -- ECI Telecom (NASDAQ: ECIL) today announced its new family of Hi-FOCuS(TM) MiniShelf(TM) solutions, which brings to any remote location advanced broadband capabilities previously available only in the central office, thus creating the first Virtual Central Office solution.
Such is life when your daytime home is a portable structure next to a central office that holds only about one-third of the district's administrative staff.
This first integration of an analog xDSL filter (ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL2) in silicon translates into significant operational savings with more efficient use of available remote terminal and central office space.

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