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The old form of Commonwealth authority and sanctioned paternalism is replaced with a new interpretation of bureaucratic centralism.
When you add this deluded gibberish to the mix of trade protectionist unions, centralism, statistics fiddling and general incompetence, is it any wonder we in Wales lag behind England?
One of the basic axioms of communist ideology is the principle of democratic centralism and it is this context that a suggestion was made that an apology by the CPI-M politburo was warranted on account of the action of the some of the lower functionaries.
This bureaucratic will to relentless centralism and universalism marked perhaps most dramatically the "end-of-ideology" social-engineering ethos and social-conformity norms of America in the late 1940s and 1950s.
Hulya Canbakal's evidence, utilized by Wilkins, points to a similarity between the Ottoman seven-teenth century and European state trends of the period where, she writes, "modern state-formation now appears to have involved successive stages of centralism and provincial accommodation that resulted in the rejuvenation of the ruling class and allowed the state to capitalize on wider economic and political resources" (op.
Kasper, says Ratzinger, makes the theological restoration of Roman centralism and the consequent desertion (Abfall) from the ecclesiology of Vatican II a necessary consequence of the universal Church's precedence Fover the local church.
In a "top down" engagement with Communist politics, Pelling conceived the CPGB's acceptance of international democratic centralism as the decisive factor in its policies.
Despite the Government agenda to pass power to local people, the challenge of centralism continues to skew economic focus to London and the South East.
He added that most of the Basra people believe that the formation of the region is the only solution of destruction, negligence and centralism.
Qabbani continued to state that extremism is undoubtedly the opposite of centralism, which means balance and moderation.
Unlike separatism, which is about division, or centralism, which is about uniformity, devolution is about the creation of a constructive partnership between Cardiff and Westminster; a partnership which has as its aim decisions being brought closer to the people within a structured framework.