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2006:54) they consider additional support as centralistic intervention in their freedom of teaching and research.
An overbearing or centralistic decision-maker not only tends to drive other talent away, but the negative consequences of losing such a leader can also be catastrophic.
At first appearing as a strange creature in the centralistic political culture of Cambodia, decentralisation soon started to make sense to certain dominant political interests.
In the Soeharto period, the relationship between local politics and religion was shaped by a centralistic political structure.
Rather than being a stylistical resource it points to a conception about the political organization of society where, factually and normatively, the pluralistic representation is substituted by a monistic representation with a bureaucratic and centralistic oriented direction; therefore to be party phobical encompasses more to be phobic against such pluralistic representation than to the idea of representation at all.
Moreover, difficulties in harmonising activation targets across regions became apparent when the municipalities complained that the Federal Labour Office would hamper efficient job placement by centralistic ordinances.
From the outset of the novel the reader is provided with a key to unlocking Solovio's mindset and motivation to dissimulate his Galician background; short, ecliptic phrases in the opening paragraph suggest the immediate prominence of these centralistic cultural icons within the range of Solovio's cultural horizon.
2) Both local governments and legislative assemblies oppose the revised laws of regional autonomy, accusing them as an attempt to "reinstate the old centralistic system of government", Jakarta Post, 18 & 22 May 2004.
This is not about centralistic, bureaucratic control but about having innovative ideas and working together to increase both businesses.