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Therefore, to address the existing gaps in the literature, our aim in the current study was to examine the mediating role of empowerment in the link between the organizational structures of centralization and formalization, and employee innovative behavior.
Section 3 presents our model and shows that debt centralization could result in SBC of local governments.
The Heidelberg researchers also uncovered an initial indication that another signal path is active in the neurogenesis of sea anemones -- the BMP pathway, which is instrumental for the centralization of nerve cells in vertebrates.
Daiga Auzina-Melalksne believes that centralization would actually protect companies from political influences.
Everywhere men are leaving behind the liberty of the Middle Ages, not to enter into a modern brand of liberty but to return to the ancient despotism; for centralization is nothing else than an up-to-date version of the administration seen in the Roman empire.
4) Third, with horizontal centralization there is one bureaucrat in the formal sector and a separate and independent regulator in the informal sector.
These optimized solutions exist in effective, efficient technologies that help corporations achieve financial transparency, control and centralization.
She said at some point franchise fee collections might better be handled by the Office of Finance, as part of the city's centralization of its collections operation.
According to Joe Skorupa, Principal Analyst at Gartner, "Accelerating Exchange, CIFS, and web application performance as part of a broad-based architecture for application acceleration removes a major obstacle to server centralization projects.
Basic themes of Deuteronomy include the centralization of sacrifice, eradication of anything that would compromise a monotheistic understanding of Yahweh, election, humanitarianism, and a legal guide for life in the land.
While centralization is a must for a chain as large as Rite Aid Corp.