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Vertical occlusion was graded according to the coverage of mandibular incisor by the most protruded fully erupted maxillary incisor and was recorded as ideal: if the lower primary incisal edges were contacting the palatal surfaces of the upper primary central incisors in centric occlusion, increased, if the mandibular incisors were touching the palate, open bite, when a gap existed between the incisal edges of incisors along the occlusal plane, and reduced, if the incisal tips of the lower primary incisors were not contacting the upper incisors or the palate in centric occlusion but with positive overbite [9].
With an upper incisal edge as a guide, a pencil line is drawn on a lower incisor when the teeth are in centric occlusion.
Every vertical dimension alteration must consider the interocclusal distance or free-way space, which is defined as the distance between the vertical dimension at rest and in centric occlusion (2 to 3 mm in average).
The provisional restoration can be relined intraorally with the patient in centric occlusion, thereby minimizing the amount of occlusal adjustment necessary
In relation to treatment procedures, such terms as TMD, TMJ, MPD, Centric Relation, Centric Occlusion etc.
The skull was examined by a senior radiologist who adjusted the mandible on the maxilla to achieve best centric occlusion in accordance with the cephalometric protocol of living subjects employed in the Behrents and Bolton Brush studies.
Lateral cephalograms were obtained for all the subjects with teeth in centric occlusion, lips relaxed, cephalostat support and ear rods positioned.
It was noted that the patient's mandible could be manually placed into centric occlusion without excessive force.
A three-dimensional comparison of condylar position changes between centric relation and centric occlusion using the mandibular position indicator.