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For more information on Cerebral Palsy Midlands and its work and projects call 0121 427 3182 or email: adam@cpmids.
Dental care for patients with cerebral palsy can be quite difficult due to their sometimes limited cognitive and physical capacities.
The study is the first to track the quality of life of young people with cerebral palsy from childhood to adolescence.
The videos were recorded as part of the "change my world in one minute" campaign, organised to coincide with yesterday's World Cerebral Palsy Day - supported by organisations in more than 45 countries.
Individuals who had a twin with cerebral palsy had a 15.
A circle of support can make a big difference in helping you cope with cerebral palsy and its effects.
An estimated 400,000 children in Yemen suffer from movement, sight and hearing disorders categorized under the umbrella condition, cerebral palsy, according to a report released by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in 2011.
Stephanie Kestner, program supervisor at United Cerebral Palsy works with David in his home and in the community.
Coverage of the Cerebral Palsy pipeline on the basis of route of administration and molecule type.
At 42 weeks' gestation, babies were 40% more likely to have cerebral palsy than those born at term and the risk was also 40% higher for those born after this time.
Of the more than 6,000,000 births that occurred over the 10-year period, 8,946 children with cerebral palsy were identified.
In this article, we review the literature on fetal thrombophilia and its role in explaining some cases of perinatal stroke that lead, ultimately, to cerebral palsy.

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