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4) Formation of cerebration room in order to inspect the collaborative ideas and to analyze the problems
This book is a cerebration of the intrepid spirit of sisters who established ministries on the frontier, often in harsh climes or isolated regions.
This is some kind of a cerebration of a whole year of preservation of the architectural heritage carried out by SCTA.
Alongside the emergence of modern sciences of mind and brain--the discovery of "unconscious cerebration," the project of physiognomy, and the work of thinkers in psychology and philosophy today canonized as key figures in the "prehistory" of cognitive science--there were, as well, a number of figures we might specifically term early "theorists of theory of mind," engaged in speculation and research recognizably anticipating contemporary attempts to plumb the mysteries of self-recognition and other-speculation.
The cerebration for the Hihg Point showroom will take place on Sat.
Here the probing is carried further in a brilliant and uncompromising indictment of some of the worst aspects of modern civilization, showing us the hard-boiled criminal mind not as a return to savagery but as a horrible perversion of cerebration.
The renowned a capella group, Vocal Motion Six (VM6), will host a show in cerebration of its music career spanning over a decade.
But language is a social and contextual enterprise; those who live in a different society and use language differently cannot reconstruct the original meaning except by feats of scholarship and cerebration.
Jaffa, How to Think About The American Revolution: A Bicentennial Cerebration [sic] (Durham, NC, 1978), 59, who writes "that the American people had a divine mission to perform, not for themselves alone, but for all mankind .
Stieglitz took the light/dark passages of this analytical-cubist charcoal drawing and translated them into a luminous photograph of Manhattan buildings at night, as if the cool cerebration of the European atelier had segued to a dynamic urban outdoors.
One thing about his "spiritual Aeneid" (Ronald Knox's phrase) is clear: Outside factors may have helped it along, including the newly gentle political climate, but it fundamentally derived from pitiless cerebration.