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Subsequently, KBS has been observed in several neurological disorders, such as meningoencephalitis, cerebrovascular accidents, epilepsy, intracranial lesions or cerebral traumas, which lead predominantly to destruction or dysfunction of the bilateral temporal lobes (3,4,5,6).
Significant differences did not exist between the groups for the remaining characteristics: mean blood pressure, gender, smoking, diabetes, angioplasty, or previous cerebrovascular accident (Table 2).
Another way of describing a stroke is a cerebrovascular accident.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A diagnosis of cancer more than doubles the risk that a patient with known atherosclerosis will develop coronary heart disease or a cerebrovascular accident within 6 months, Dr.
A STROKE, or cerebrovascular accident, happens when there is a sudden change in the blood supply to part of the brain.
Robinson and Szetela (1980) examined the occurrence of depression after a unilateral cerebrovascular accident in relation to the location of the injury.
In an exploratory analysis examining the harder endpoints of cardiovascular death, nonfatal MI, or cerebrovascular accident, the relative risk reduction for total events was 12% with combination therapy.
His death certificate listed causes of death as cardiorespiratory arrest, previous cerebrovascular accident, aspiration of a piece of meat and cardiac arrthythmia.
Forty-six consecutive patients admitted to our service over a 26-month period with a first event of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and no previous history of cardiovascular disease were included in the study.
Among the 213 placebo patients, there were two cases of cerebral ischemia, one transient ischemic attack, and one cerebrovascular accident, Lon S.
The patient was admitted for further evaluation with a possible diagnosis of cerebrovascular accident.
But he adds: "The cause of his sudden death was an unexpected cerebrovascular accident.