ceremonial rite

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Ah," said Morcerf, "I see you are a stickler for forms, my dear sir, and you would remind me that the ceremonial rites should not be omitted.
However, as the new legislation for same sex couples is more of a contractual agreement rather than a ceremonial rite, the pre-registration agreement is likely to hold more weight for a same sex couple than a pre-nuptial agreement does for married couples.
But Tuesday wasn't about the action on the court, which was more a ceremonial rite between the No.
It also appears in the Sahih Muslim, which dates back more than 1,200 years, and appears to have crossed all religious barriers when it comes to being an element in ceremonial rites and practices.
Dharif was arrived at dawn today to Najaf province and upon his arrival he headed to Karbala city to perform the ceremonial rites of visit of Imam Hussein and his brother Abbas"" GS shrines / .
com/) USA Today , the 'Ndrangheta, less well-known internationally than the Sicilian Mafia, is "Italy's most entrenched organized crime organization, in part because its reliance on family ties rather than friendships or ceremonial rites makes it difficult for police to infiltrate.
These masks were originally worn during religious and ceremonial rites.
These virtues and values are upheld through different festivals, rituals, and ceremonial rites to attain a corrective social shared responsibility.
Or, does the residue of ceremonial rites, gatherings of people, sacrifices, honoring, bribing of the gods, still emanate from these sites even though they are covered over with concrete, asphalt, Christianity?
Finally, any rituals that take place in the sacred space, whether they be in the form of personal devotions or group ceremonies, carry rich symbolic meaning revealed as one reflects on the imagery within the ceremonial rites and, where permitted.
She envisioned a theatre in which Blacks would control and "bring validation to a group suffering from the negative effects of cultural hegemony," a theatre which would embrace the dual heritage of being African and American by combining the elements of the black Pentecostal church with the ceremonial rites of the Yoruba from Nigeria.