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SOCRATES: I have certainly often enquired whether there were any, and taken great pains to find them, and have never succeeded; and many have assisted me in the search, and they were the persons whom I thought the most likely to know.
SOCRATES: Yes, certainly, Anytus; and many good statesmen also there always have been and there are still, in the city of Athens.
Fog has certainly a poetry of its own--a grace, a dreamy charm.
Watching in it, in the way we have suggested, the contention of those two men, those two minds in him, and observing how the one might have ascertained and corrected the shortcomings of the other, we certainly understand, and can sympathize with Amiel's despondency in the retrospect of a life which seemed to have been but imperfectly occupied.
I certainly will not allow Hans' nature to be spoiled.
They are certainly very lovely,' said Hans, 'and it is a most lucky thing for me that I have so many.
I will certainly go to the French camp with Dolokhov.
Besides, I want to go very much and certainly will go, so don't hinder me," said he.
If Roy hadn't already lost head and heart about you he certainly would tonight.
Roy's wooing had certainly been as romantic as girlish heart could desire, but -- she wished Aunt Jamesina and the girls would not take things so for granted.
I have seen it happen very often in my time: and if ever I saw a witch in all my life, that old woman was certainly one.
He told Mr Jones, "It would certainly be his turn next; and earnestly entreated him to return back, and find out the old woman, and pacify her.