certificate of exemption

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By 9 March 1917 he had trained with the Loanhead Volunteer Corps and applied for withdrawal of his certificate of exemption to make him available for the Army.
Whether to grant certificate of exemption under section 80-G or not depends on the objects of the trust.
The owner will be given a certificate of exemption, valid for the life of the dog.
The WSMA applauded state lawmakers in 2011, after passing a bill requiring those seeking exemptions for their children to submit a certificate of exemption (or letter) signed by a licensed physician.
Usually, buyers withhold the last instalment of payment until the NRI produces a certificate of exemption.
Clinic has a CLIA Certificate of Waiver & Florida Clinical Laboratory Certificate of Exemption.
They are illegal to own without a certificate of exemption, granted after the animal is neutered, insured, tattooed with an exemption code and implanted with a chip with the owner's details.
Owners need a certificate of exemption allowing them to keep their dogs.
Unless a driver holds a certificate of exemption on medical grounds it is a condition of holding a hackney carriage or private hire licence with Stockton that drivers must take a disabled person's guide, hearing or assistance dog without any additional charge - no drivers in the authority have registered an exemption.
On March 28, 1918, recruiting officers in Montreal were set upon by an angry mob demanding the release of a young man detained for not carrying his certificate of exemption.
Mr Roland Hopkins, prosecuting, said Tootill's nine-year-old dog, Paddy, would normally have been a prohibited animal but her husband had been granted a certificate of exemption.

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