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In this study, there was no significant difference between the groups in age, height, weight, parity, gestational age, or cervical dilatation at the beginning of epidural analgesia (Table 1).
The duration of first stage of labour was inversely and the cervical dilatation rate was directly related to the gestational age, Bishop's score and parity.
The VAS 0 and VAS 30 scores showed that IUL was more effective than PBL and IVT in reducing pain in patients who did not undergo cervical dilatation.
Requirement of further cervical dilatation for that in premenopausal patients was also significantly less in the study group.
Compared to PGE arm, participants undergoing CRB IOL were faster in achieving cervical dilatation [greater than or equal to] 4 cm (14.
This quasi experimental research utilized the following instruments: a 3 x 2 foot mirror to provide visual biofeedback (treatment), a stopwatch to measure the length of time elapsed from full cervical dilatation and effacement to the delivery of baby, and a tally sheet for recording of data.
They suggest that it is not uncommon for there to be no perceivable change for more than two hours prior to 7 cm and that the rate of cervical dilatation was below 1 cm per hour.
The use of cervical prostaglandin E2, intravenous oxytocin and the cervical dilatation prior to the CSE were recorded.
They sought to determine whether the risk of preterm birth could be stratified based on a number of easily identifiable variables, including cervical dilatation and obstetric history.
They alternated sitting and supine positions for fifteen minutes during cervical dilatation from six to eight centimeters.