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36) Also, Delta1 in dental epithelium (35) Hes1 in condensed mesenchyme and epithelium which will result in stellate reticulum Cap (E14, E15-5,5) Notch1 in intermediate layer and Notch2 in stellate reticulum (34) Jag2 in internal dental epithelium (14) and Jag1 in enamel organ (36) Notch1 in enamel organ and cervical loop (34) Notch2 and Notch3 in enamel organ and dental papilla; also, Notch2 in cervical loop (34) Bell (E16,5-E18,5) Jag2 in internal dental epithelium (14) Jag1 in intermediate layer, stellate reticulum, dental follicle and dental papilla (36) Delta1 in enamel organ, inner dental epithelium, stellate reticulum and intermediate layer.
Surgeons interested in learning EA procedures should have experience in gynecologic ultrasound and basic procedures, such as endometrial biopsy or cervical loop electrosurgical excision.
Predictors of recurrent dysplasia after a cervical loop electrocautery excision procedure for CIN-3: a study of margin, endocervical gland, and quadrant involvement.