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The tumult of cessation from lessons was already breaking forth, but it sank at her voice.
He has now so far quieted that there are spells of cessation from his passion.
Bennet, with little cessation, of his house and garden at Hunsford.
The event was announced by the cessation of the firing.
Here, then, there was a cessation from toil, from hunger, and alarm.
After the gradual cessation of all sound and movement on the faithful river, only the ringing of ships' bells is heard, mysterious and muffled in the white vapour from London Bridge right down to the Nore, for miles and miles in a decrescendo tinkling, to where the estuary broadens out into the North Sea, and the anchored ships lie scattered thinly in the shrouded channels between the sand-banks of the Thames' mouth.
But observing the cessation of the tools, he looked up, and said, in a tone of indignation, "Look there, now
A bell clanging out in the yard announced the moment for the cessation of school labours.
Melville's absorption in philosophical studies was quite as responsible as the failure of his later books for his cessation from literary productiveness.
At first the ravenous animals were startled and terrified at the change -- at the cessation of movement.
This remark caused a cessation of the compliments, and induced the physician to turn an inquiring eye in the direction of his patient.
The discouragements to agriculture were greatly lessened by the cessation of Indian war, during which men held the plough in one hand and the musket in the other, and were fortunate if the products of their dangerous labor were not destroyed, either in the field or in the barn, by the savage enemy.