cessation of employment

See: lockout
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Next month, Retirement fund body EPFO would likely consider and sanction a proposal to offer life insurance to its subscribers for three years after cessation of employment.
The Amendments to the Electoral Code include, inter alia, provisions on the modalities related to the election of MPs from the electoral units abroad, to the employment or cessation of employment within the public and state institutions during the entire electoral process, electoral campaign and the Code on fair and democratic elections, mandate and composition of the State Election Commission, electoral lists and their data, etc.
Any of the following in the case of a qualified individual (as defined earlier for the change-of-employment test): (a) death; (b) cessation of employment as a result of which the individual is eligible for unemployment compensation; (c) a change in employment or self-employment status that results in the taxpayer's inability to pay housing costs and reasonable basic living expenses for the taxpayer's household (including food, clothing, medical expenses, taxes, transportation, court-ordered payments, and expenses reasonably necessary for the production of income, but not for the maintenance of a luxurious standard of living); (d) divorce or legal separation under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance; or (e) multiple births from the same pregnancy.
It is a compulsory provision that results in the individual receiving a lump sum at cessation of employment at any age, whether through the employee's decision or due to redundancy.
B) The cessation of employment, as a result of which the individual is eligible for unemployment compensation as defined in section 85(b);
in Santa Rosa, California, he was required to sign a document agreeing to "settle any and all previously unasserted claims, disputes, or controversies arising out of or relating to my application or candidacy for employment, employment, and/or cessation of employment with Circuit City, exclusively by final and binding arbitration before a neutral arbitrator.
In addition, if an employer believes that a worker's abilities or knowledge could benefit a rival organization, a written agreement prohibiting competition for a specific period of time after the cessation of employment is essential.
Medical records and records of occupational exposure to hazardous materials must be kept for 30 years following cessation of employment.
Although the case law indicates that retirement is a rather limited concept, Revenue Canada accepts the cessation of employment for any reason as being retirement or loss of employment.
The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the decision of the court of appeals, relying on three prior Supreme Court cases which held that an employee who is required to choose between fidelity to religious belief and cessation of employment may not be denied unemployment compensation: Sherbert v.
Employee directors (the board does not currently include any employee directors) must resign their board seats immediately upon cessation of employment with the Company.
Cessation of employment for which the individual is eligible for unemployment compensation.