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The act of relinquishing one's right.

A surrender, relinquishment, or assignment of territory by one state or government to another.

The territory of a foreign government gained by the transfer of sovereignty.


noun abalienation, allowance, assignment, award, bestowal, concession, conveyance, delivery, disposition, donation, gift, giving up, giving up claim to, grant, handing over, nonretention, parting with, release, relinquishing claim to, relinquishment, submittal, surrender, transfer, waiver, yielding
See also: abandonment, alienation, assignment, consignment, conveyance, demise, desertion, expense, release, relinquishment, renunciation, resignation, sacrifice

CESSION, contracts. Yielding up; release.
     2. France ceded Louisiana to the United States, by the treaty of Paris, of April 30, 1803 Spain made a cession of East and West Florida, by the treaty of February 22, 1819. Cessions have been severally made of a part of their territory, by New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut) South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Vide Gord. Dig. art. 2236 to 2250.

CESSION, civil law. The, act by which a party assigns or transfers property to a other; an assignment.

CESSION, eccl. law. When an ecclesiastic is created bishop, or when a parson takes another benefice, without dispensation, the first benefice becomes void by a legal cession, or surrender. Cowel, h.t.

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Il faut savoir egalement qu'au niveau de l'OPGI, toutes les donnees relatives a la situation dans laquelle se trouve le bien objet de cession sont disponibles, particulierement les cas qui font objet de litiges.
As insurers and reinsurers have seen mortality experience emerge from the underwriting-driven "term wars" of the late 1990s, the perspectives of both parties have converged, thus there is no longer a large difference in expected mortality driving large coinsurance cessions for fully underwritten business.
He was asked to pay the sum to AR for his cession rights.
Khasteband further added that the agreement would facilitate mutual investments, cession and trade inside Iran and the aforementioned countries.
Almost half of them say this is a direct result of the re cession - as managers take on more work but do not recruit more staff.
AM Best said it believes that SCR's business position as Morocco's national reinsurer remains consistent, despite the progressive phasing out of SCR's compulsory cession following the signing of a free trade agreement with an impact on the gross written premiums that are likely to fall to MAD 2.
Indeed if we did not know we were in a cession, we would look at the fast emerng southern extension to Eldon Square d think we were powering ahead to cater r Newcastle's shoppers with an ever betr retail offer.
North Carolina responded in October by repealing the cession act.
Il est necessaire a cette fin de s'assurer que l'actif titrise est cessible et qu'aucune restriction ou condition ne se rattache a la cession (24).
Fiji's parliament plans to take up a bill codifying the 1872 Deed of Cession under which Fiji's chiefs handed the country to Britain, which is seen as a step towards compensating indigenous Fijians who subsequently lost their lands.
The FARC insurrection has received support and assistance not only from Cuba, Communist China, and Venezuelan Marxist ruler Hugo Chavez, but also from the Clinton administration, which supported the cession of the 15,000-square mile territory to the rebels.
Fiji was made a British colony on October 10th 1874 when Sir Hercules Robinson, Governor of New South Wales signed the deed of cession, first having to go island hopping to get all the necessary signatures.