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The grainy nighttime photo posted on the website Reddit showed Romney wearing a rumpled button-down shirt and dark pants, and looking slightly chagrined as he stood alongside his car and waited for the gas-guzzler's tank to fill.
Senator Humayun Mandokhel was chagrined over his overbilling, which was supported by Senator Nisar Mahmood, while CEO IESCO complained about heavy outstandings owed by various government institutions and which had been issued notices on 04th March.
Addressing the protest rally carried out from a local hotel, and concluding at the Karachi Press Club, Sami Memon, Gulab Shah and others were chagrined over indifference of government, despite being reminded FFF, various NGOs and political forums.
Klitschko, in a statement released Wednesday morning, said he was chagrined that he has been spending more time dealing with injuries than he has in the ring.
Expressing the full support of business community for the strike call, the chairman AKTI was chagrined at the fact that there were clear indications of a possible clemency for the latest blasphemy crime, which was against the very philosophy of Pakistan.
One man got out of his car and took a few steps, but his shoes were sucked off by the muck and there he was, stuck, shoeless and chagrined, Hahn said.
By Friday, the council was chagrined enough by the reaction to its overreach that the proposal had been whittled away to just a ban on Silly String in Hollywood on Halloween - as if there will be many cops around to enforce it.