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I got a letter in the mail that said it was not a chain letter and that it was legal. Basically there is a list of 6 names that I send a dollar to, but also include a note that says "Please add me to you mailing list". This is what it says that makes it legal, the note to add me to their mailing list. I then take off the top name and add mine to the bottom and send it to 200 other people, it says to call this number, data line, and for 40 bucks they will mail me 200 names on self adhesive labels. Is this just another chain letter or is it legal? I'd like to try it if it is legal. It's only like 200 hundred bucks total to try it. I've spent more than that on a fun weekend, lol. so any way.


It is normally not legal, and usually does not work...
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It adds: "Parents please note that this is not a bad chain letter, so please let your child take part.
Neither the Royal Mail nor Guinness Book of World Records are involved in running or supporting chain letters.
A COVENTRY mum is warning parents in the city about a hoax Guinness Book of Records chain letter.
All he had to do was send pounds 1 to each of the people named in the letter, cross out the first name, add his own, put the chain letter in the post and wait for the money to roll in.
A CHAIN letter with a death threat is being spread by mobile phone.
FOR all the gullible sods who've mailed us, asking if an email chain letter about Bill Gates sharing his fortune was real, we've just one thing to say.
The truth is there's simply no way to track an email's progress, which is why no company in the world would ever contribute to an appeal on the basis of a chain letter.
Like a chain letter, the Good Times warning is passed along by well-meaning computer users to co-workers, friends, news groups and message boards.
This virus works like a chain letter and carries a destructive payload.
If you are tempted by his promises, remember that the only way to make money from this nasty chain letter is by ripping-off other people.
This is just an old fashioned chain letter in a different guise and will quickly collapse.
Henlow's main RPGTV opens are previewed in the Flying Four feature on the facing page, with the suggestions being Chain Letter (7.