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Yet capturing such an event is an important part of maintaining the chain of custody in beef production.
The two Chain of Custody policing strategies are recommended by the Timber Trade Federation and its own environmental arm, Forests Forever.
In addition to maintaining a proper chain of custody, forensic nurses must be careful in handling evidence.
To better gauge the impact of wood certification and chain of custody certification on wood product manufacturers, we surveyed industrial wood product customers of a large sawmill in Wisconsin with chain of custody certification.
The overwhelming consensus is that Lynchburg has a fair, objective, and efficient drug-testing policy that enhances the well-being of the student-athletes and is highlighted by confidentiality/parental input, and a proper chain of custody.
These audits represent a critical first step in the evolution of an industry that must meet increasingly stringent market expectations concerning timber legality and chain of custody.
For the Congress I think there should be a proper chain of custody of our resource person.
ASI's extension of our FSC Chain of Custody accreditation for a further five years is an independent endorsement of the high standards of professionalism and service we deliver," said Christian Kobel, Global Operational Manager Forestry, Timber and Paper, SGS.
Chain of Custody certification is highly important for Smurfit Kappa's customers in tracking certified material through the paper, board and packaging production process - from the forest to the consumer, including all successive stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution.
This survey is targeted at secondary wood manufacturing industry members and concerns attitudes towards certification and wood products chain of custody issues.
Because the process of extracting DNA results in the loss of cellular material on the slide, the medical examiner photographed and delivered the slides, through the proper chain of custody, to the Baltimore County Police Department, who, subsequently, delivered them to a nationally recognized DNA laboratory.
Lett is claiming that the chain of custody of his urine sample was broken, invalidating the test, according to a source the newspaper did not identify.